torsdag 10 maj 2018

Music tip of the day : Merlin - Christ Killer 4K

Earlier this year In had the great fortune to review Merlin's album The Wizard. A truly great album. At Easter the band made a grand gesture when they choosed to give away an restored version of their earlier album Christ Killer, from 2014. An album loosely based on a movie script made by Nick Cave for an eventual sequel to the movie Gladiator. The movie was never made, could be that the script was more than a little "over the top". But it could have been very amusing (read amazing) movie.
So Merlin made a Doom rendering of it instead, and it's a good one to say the least.

Or as the band them self puts it:
Restored in Ultra-High Definition, this version of our classic re-telling of Nick Cave's Gladiator II is crisper, more deadly and heavier than ever before including all the original footage and some deleted scenes scrapped during the original recording. Remixed by resident madman Bret Liber and intricately restored by Merlin during this cold winter, we worked hard to give you this new cut by Easter.

"Christ Killer 4K" is completely free as most of you already have been jamming it for years now; after all, who doesn't own more than one copy of your favorite Movie? Share it, Pirate it, and Upload it; this is our gift to all of you for your undying support over the years...enjoy.

Happy Easter,
So get your copy at Bandcamp. And if someone decides to release it as a vinyl, let me know. Or I just have to look up the old release, as it is very nice. Even if it lacks some songs.


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