tisdag 1 maj 2018

Warming up for Desertfest London

So, this upcoming weekend the London based version of Deserttfest kicks of, and even if I myself wont be there, Spader Ess (Ace Of Spades) will have reporters in place.

The big city festival attracts with an abundance of good bands. What would I try to see myself if I was there? Well, here comes my dream list for the festival kicking of with Friday.

I would start at "The Underworld" scene, or it would be here I would reside more or less the whole day. 
First of with the amazing Old Man Wizard followed by the Black Wizards and Black Moth. I would probably stay even for Freedom Hawk. Then quickly head head over to "Koko" to The Obsessed
So far nothing coincides gig wise, but now it gets a little trickier. Stay for our Swedish pride Graveyard or mosy on back to the previous location for Jex Toth? Hard one, haven't seen any of them live but wanted to for a long time. It might all cook down to what mood I was at the time. Probably I would go for Graveyard in the end.

After this, it's a no brainer again. Of to "The Devonshire Arms" for Dopelord and after a little R&R, finish the night at "The Electric Ballroom" watching old time favorites ASG.

But this is my list, What the festival correspondents Spader Daughter and Will of Spades are going to attend, who knows? I have a few guesses though...

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  1. Mycket bra lineup, hade varit supernice att vara där!

    1. Japp, men roligt att kunna skicka dottern o svärsonen... :-)


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