tisdag 1 maj 2018

The Desertfest warmup continues

Last article was a chart of how my Friday of the London Desertfest would look like, if I was attending, so the natural step is of course to continue with the scheme of Saturday.
But first I have to make a correction of yesterdays article, as it's not Old Man Wizard that are opening the Friday set, but Old Man Lizard. I guess it's down to my Old Man Eyes, that I got it wrong (or wishful thinking). But what the heck, I could give them a try instead.

The first act I would take a look at would probably be Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell even if I never heard much of them earlier. But they have the coolest band name of the starting acts and sometimes that's enough. Then over to this festival's busiest man , Wino for his acoustic set (he plays on Friday too with The Obsessed). You can never get to much Win(e)o.
After that it would be a period of drinks and refreshments I guess, as the next act I would like to see are Dead Witches, follow directly by Black Rainbows, even if I would have to cut their set short to be able to get to see The Watchers. A gig that probably would be the highlight of the day for me.
Which is leaving the final act open since I don't rally have any direct favorites among the closing acts this night. I would say I'm leaning towards Darkher at this point. Which concludes Saturday for me.

But as said yesterday, this might not be what my corespondents are going to cover at all. Til' next time.... 

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