onsdag 2 maj 2018

Desrtfest London warmup again.

So we have now gone through Friday and Saturday, of the Desertfest London, and that leaves us at the closing day Sunday.

This is by far the most problematic day for me to get my head around, as this day brings collisions in abundance for me.

The bands I really would like to see this day are as follows:
The Necromancers, King Buffalo, Hawkwind and Monster Magnet. But as I just got the chance to see King Buffalo the other day, I guess that it would be The Necromancers for me on this occasion.

The bands leading up to the Hawkwind gig, is more or less an open book for me, but I guess that Chrch would be Sundays opening act closely followed by LLNN.
And as Hawkwind is important for me and Nebula is a great band who are playing just before, makes a natural selection.

Now we just have to wait and see what Spader Daughter And Will of Spades cooks up for us at the festival. I'm excited and I hope you are as well.

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