måndag 7 maj 2018

List of the day : The whole list..or the grand deluxe 32!

Long Time, no List.
But we can do right by that now, good people. After a weekend of amazing weather here in Sweden, which seems to last for a while, I thought the following bands would be fitting companions for this spell of warm weather. 
And as a reminder, this time in English. Some of the bands that I present here will be offering their music digital for more or less nothing (name your price), so remember, be generous if you like the music.I mean, if you'd met the band you'd probably bought them a beer or two..

I should already have covered the album Read Clay Dead River as it was released at the start of the year, and I have listened to it from time to time since then. Its a slab of pure heaviness. It's gritty, with lots of attitude. But also filled with great songs. And not to mention the album cover art is stunning.

This self titled EP was also released earlier this year. Great vocals, backed up by solid guitar riffage and . Slow and enchanting. I most certain want to hear more. Lots mor

This band, hailing from Brazil, have some similarities with Uncrossing. A similar line up, a quartet with Female vocals and a heavy and groovy framework. But Lâmmia differs in their dirtier approach and a slight heavier sound.


Gypsy Sun Revival
This little gem was released in December last year, but nevertheless, this is truly amazing good music. Bluesy psychedelic grooves, a singing that sometimes soars on the brink of collapsing. I love it. And looking at the cover, made by Robin Gnista. As I said before, it seems like you can use the fact that he's done the artwork as a seal of proof for great music. 

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