fredag 4 maj 2018


Everyone into early 70's stuff need to hear this. Period.  
Bang was an American band that in later days is mentioned as the US equivalent to Black Sabbath. And even as there is some similarities, I don't think it's fair at all all. There is a bigger dimension to Bang overall. There is a more political, more proggie vibe to Bang. A more diverse dimension to the music. More melodies, less brooding darkness. More social meaning. In English terms, Beatles meets Black Sabbath, combined with Pink Floyd and with a hints of Jethro Tull and The Fugs
For us Swedes, it makes more sense to add November and a sprinkle of Hoola Bandoola Band to the mix as well. 
Or as an simple conclusion, one of the American musical history's most underestimated bands.

Now, in courtesy of Ripple Music, we mortals have a chance to lay our dirty small hands on this amazing slab of music called "The Best Of Bang!" And I can assure you, that this is really a best of more than Bang themselves. 
This is a must for everyone that adores the sound of the 70's.

Available worldwide on double vinyl LP with gorgeous gate-fold, featuring rare photos, a cover featuring the original BANG girl and liner notes by esteemed music journalist, Sleezegrinder, Best of BANG is also available on digipack CD and all digital music formats. Grab it if you can, you wont be disappointed.

 From Spader Ess, this is a solid 5

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